Friday, February 17, 2012

Manual?? Anyone?

It's me again! Neenaaaaaaaaaaaaa....cuz I need your help.
If you are in New Jersi and you see a kid on the streets looking for somethin, it must be me. Cuz I am looking for a manual for my mom . cuz she did not seem to get it. Or I dont get her. Somethin like that..Use your own brains...
So, since I dont have manual, I am talkin to you. If you are her frend, pleeez talk to her..
1> I am 2 or mostly 3. She is pretty old. When she asks me "what is wrong with you?", don't you think she shud know it? huh? I mean, eccu me, but who is the mom here?
2> It is O.K.A.Y to wear the same dress every single day to school. How come she does not know she will have to wash less clothes? I wonder if she is really that old or she just pretends to be.
3> When my shoes are not my size, she does not have to give them away. When I get smaller, they will fit me. I pramise.
4> I think I am doing a very good service to her when I wake up at 5:30 and tell her "waaaaaaaaaake up, its time to wakeeeeeee up". Geez so much for making sure your mom goes to office on time! How about a thank you or a lollipop?
5> Washing hands is optional. You can as well put them in your mouth to clean them. It does not make sense to get up, go to the sink and stand there for no reason. What a waste of water! Also, after you finish eating, it is okay to wash your hands in the cup in front of you. And then use the rest of the water to clean the table right over there. What a helper I am!
6> it is okay to pronounce Plaskit as Plaskit.
Gotta go. It's time I check on mommy ..more later when I get some time for see what I am talkin about?

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