Friday, January 13, 2012

You better watch out

Sometimes I wonder if Jay is our son. Really. I have got reasons..

He talks..NON.STOP. We try to avoid it as much as we can..

He plans..We don't know what that is (For example: we buy a birthday gift while going to the birthday and wrap it by placing it in the car trunk. If I forgot to buy the wrapping paper, I may tell the host that I do not believe in wasting paper. So next time do not even ask if we are late or else it will cost you your birthday gift)

He hates sleeping..Sleeping is all we want to do..

He loves to clean..You guessed it!

Sooooooooo, given that his birthday is coming up in a few months, he is totally blown away by the fact that mom and dad are walking around the house like they have nothing to do with it. He tried giving me a couple of gentle, not-so-gentle, very bad warnings about how I am slacking about it. He finally learned to get on amazon to find out party supplies and place them in the cart. Thank god he does not know our credit card number ..yet..phew! I must say he is very particular about what he orders (again, a reason to doubt whether he is my son or not). He has carefully selected a disco light, a few party supplies and of course a couple of gifts for himself. Poor guy has no choice..

Most of privileged perople have made it to his party list so far. The list has been made a few times and each time depending on who has been good/bad with him, they make it to the list or not. So be nice to him the next couple of weeks, or else, you will never make it to this fun party!

As of yesterday the count was 22 kids.

Mom: Jay, 22 kids come with their parents and we do not have enough space.
Jay: Don't worry (again, another reason for me to doubt). I have an idea. When people come we will ask them to go in the disco room (aka Jay's bedroom). When they are out, the others can go in.
Mom: We still do not have enough place for these people.
Jay: Don't worry. Once people start to come, you and dad have to go back..
Mom: Back?
Jay: Yes
Mom: Where?
Jay: Back wherever you came from..
Mom: Like where??
Jay: Back to the same place (at this point, I finally realized this was not going anywhere)
Mom: But mom and dad are the hosts, so they need to be here to give food and stuff
Jay: No, we are not giving food to anyone.
Mom: There is always food in parties.
Jay: Don't worry. We will keep food on the table and they can grab if when they go out. They can eat at their place we do not have to clean up. But I will vacuum anyways after the party..(why??)

So, people, our party is very much like an exhibition, you come in, you go to the room, do disco or whatever , come out, grab a snack and go about your own merry way..Does not seem like a bad idea to me considering that all this time, I do not need to be there at all..


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