Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Life happens here...

NYC intersections are more like classrooms....a maze..everything and nothing all at once..I especially like the one right next to the port authority. 

It is huge. It is crowded and windy there. The signals are rattling and the life is bustling..As people reach the middle of the avenue or the street, they start guessing if there is a stop single or go signal or there is a flashing stop/go signal. Some speed up in anticipation and some slow down. For some, it does not really matter.

As people reach intersection, something magical starts happening. The intersection starts talking to people. It says, slow down.. It says..hey, slow down buddy. It says, make a choice..Some people speed up and make it to the other end. Others slow down and wait. There is something about that place when they wait. I can't exactly tell what it is..But when we wait, we suddenly start existing in our own world. Some take a sip of coffee. A mother carrying her little chubby son or daughter kisses him or her. A dad pushing a stroller looks at his son or daughter lovingly and sighs. Two people in love hold their arms and pull each other a little closer and whisper “I love you”s… A young man listening to some nice song starts dancing. Some look at the billboards and give a silly smile..ummm...life..life smells sweet there..life...life stands still there... until the signal starts beckoning us again, we make a little sweet spot for ourselves in this huge world and breathe..just breathe..

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