Friday, April 12, 2013


J and N
you need to remember your mom was a highly spiritual person who did not understand the meaning or purpose of religion. Not that she tried really hard. Somehow she found solace in knowing that she is one of those people who do not need to understand what religion meant in the real world. I say real world because I happen to believe I do not live in it most of the will know when you get to my age..maybe..
Your mom also loved giving new meaning to old things and how can she miss this religion is not Hindu. My religion is to love against all odds..My religion is to love when it is the most difficult thing to do religion is to help when I do not feel like helping at religion is to believe that people who follow religion are just human beings..My religion is to say sorry when I make mistakes. My religion is to get scared when doing religion is to fall and get up and to fall again without having any religion is to religion is to religion is find myself - which is believe me the most difficult thing to do for me..
I want you guys to decide what religion is when you grow up. read books, listen to elders, but find it out yourself. You might as well come up with something really weird and fail at it..but you will own it for proud of it..I am..
I always want you guys to remember this song-

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