Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Homework hell

Hello fellas..

I have some homework tips which I am ashamed to call tips and you will see why..But its my duty to spread the knowledge, so here it goes-

1> DO NOT get involved in homework. It's not like it's your homework anyways. Right?
2> If that does not work, try to oblige your better half with the duties. A lot of excuses work, but the best one so far will be "The kids will always remember you for this. Don't you want that to happen?"
3> If that does not work, try point number 1 again.
4> Now it gets tougher if that does not work. I never ever believed in the Muhurat. But now I do. Guys, the stars need to be aligned for this homework business to work. No kidding.
5> Give yourself a long break before it all begins and may be a snack. The articles suggest giving snacks to the kids, but who wants to make kids more hyper and energetic. If anyone needs food, it's us..wish someone can think about us parents while writing these articles...I do..
6> Choose a good setting for homework the articles say. Some quiet corner in the room. I would say you can do it in the restroom, which will save you all the time spent in bathroom breaks..The objects in question seem to forget where to return to after the bathroom break, so if you are right there, you have it covered..
7> Well now since you have waged the war already, you might as well fight for your life. These might help-
Kid: Why do I have to do this anyway?
Parent: You do not have to. I will ask your question to your teacher by sending a note.

Kid: This is so boring. Homework is boring. It's boring. It's boring..It's
Parent: You do not have to do it. I will send a note to your teacher about this.

Kid: Why does this have to be so difficult? I do not even understand the question..I cannot do this..I cannot do this..I cannot..I
Parent: You do not have to do it. I will ask your teacher about this.

Needless to say nothing mentioned above has worked for me so please be my guest and share your experiences with me..will ya?

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