Friday, September 21, 2012


Sssssssssssssup guys!!!

Thought I should update you on my recent addictions..

In last couple of months people have been mentioning me the benefits of watching "The Big Bang Theory" and so I wanted to give it a try..given that I am so busy doing all self-centered things, I had to give up on something to make time for this..So I gave up fighting with you-know-who..making you-know-who the biggest fan ever of the show even before we gave it a try....It was a love at first sight for me with this show I must admit..I loved the entire cast and especially Sheldon..I adore the expression on his face and the voice when he is telling a lie..The voice of Shelton telling a lie amazingly resembles with the voice of you-know-who telling a lie ..or should we say "when not telling the truth" because here in DattaVille, we do not tell a sir..we just do not tell the truth..

And second one is ofcourse my Zumba class with Josi. Josi is the kind of like the girl I wanted to be when I was in my twenties..only thing is I did not know it back then..So Josi is a typical Manhattan kind of girl who seems to be happy just about anywhere and anytime - which is like living in fantasy world for me. So I am totally drawn to her world...She throws small packets of happiness at us when she is moving her tiny hands on the rhythm of the song which if we are agile enough, we can catch it..the more agile you are, the more happy you might be..and I heard Josi telling something about losing a pound, but I have yet to discover that side of the glory..So being the super-duper agile that Josi is, last Friday in the middle of the routine, she suddenly turned around and went close to a fellow class-goer and started dancing. This took the fello class-goer by a surprise and she fell on the floor. Luckily she was not hurt, and I could burst out laughing safely. It is so funny when people fell un-expectedly..I mean of me..But on the upside, I also laugh when I fall myself..Jay, please do not laugh when people fall until you are big enough to have your own blog and write about it..Addictions are not bad..especially when you discover how mean you can be and dancing is so not your thing..

peace out..

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