Saturday, April 30, 2011


He lets go and she makes a big deal..
He is a goofball and she takes it way too seriously..
He does very less talking..she does a lot in given time when time comes..
He drives so well and she is bad at even giving directions..
She says this is not working because you did/did not............and he says well, what can we do about it now?
She loves to argue and he thinks it is waste of time, but never tells her that..
She hates winter and snow and he says are you kidding? it looks beautiful out there..
He is never on time and she is never on time (because of him)..
He takes a big pause before he writes her birth day and month on any paper....and oddly enough she thinks it's funny..
He is simple, and she is..well..
He is easy to figure out and don't even get me started about her..
He really is from mars and she cannot figure out where is she from..

12 years and 2 kids later, they are still still-the-ones..
So, this is for you, Datta..Cheers to 12 years of friendship..and look forward to many more..

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