Friday, April 22, 2011


It's been a while we since broke up..I can talk about it now..

I still remember the last time we met. It was a sad and gloomy day. We knew for days in advance that we will part our ways, but there was still some hope until the very last minute. We were both sad and broken and could not utter a word to each other. We looked at each other with that familiar precious look..We had no hopes or expectations from each other..We knew we will cross paths again..when and in what condition is never known..

In so many ways we are so meant to be together but we have been on and off a number of times. So much was being offered to me, but I don't know what I want. I can be my own childish self again when we are together, but I have things to take care of..I am pampered and loved, but of course all that cannot be true..can life be this beautiful and interesting all the time? That is not real..i run away from it..We both know this..this is what I do..We have been there and done that..

We held hands, we hugged, we cried and we parted our ways..I felt like I was freezing..I wanted to run away from this moment of parting..For some time I did not understand why people were smiling, I did not understand why they were eating, I did not understand how they can sleep so well ..I did not know what was I doing on my own..But I made it through this far..again..

It's been a while since we broke up..with India that is..I can talk about it now..

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