Thursday, March 19, 2015

Horse Poop

A few years back we brought J to NYC in December so he can enjoy the Rockefeller Center Xmas tree. I was actually more excited just imagining how excited he will be to see such a huge tree with so many colorful lights. He came and he saw it. On our way back he saw a few NYC police men riding horses. And then he spotted one of horses doing the most exciting thing in the world on NYC street right in front of him..he pooped. Are u kidding me?? Horse poop on NYC street?? Jays eyes said to me..We had to see this because it’s exciting..interesting..awesome..

Flash forward to today..a person living with me apparently wanted me to be excited about new exciting features in and mvc new version and forwarded me a link to read..but I did not find my horse poop was all Xmsy and glittery but No.Horse.Poop for me..

Flash back to long long ago when I was young.. I used to think I am a bright and smart person. I still believe in it  - like one day out of 365 days..but other days I find myself scared of Xmas trees and
looking for something it just me or does anyone else think being in IT is becoming more and more difficult these days? I think I am good at all things but great at nothing. One geek-o-gods suggested I should read like there is no tomorrow after homework cooking cleaning putting kids to bed preparing for tomorrow and possibly brushing my own teeth..but I see no point because what I read today is going to change tomorrow anyways..

Why are we inventing all these things? And still trying to catch divide by zero exceptions? May I please forgive myself once in a while for not using dependency injection? May I just be happy for one entire day about my work? The streets are leading somewhere..wind is’s cold..Xmas tree is glittery..people are cheerful. But I seem to get lost still looking for my horse poop..

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