Friday, January 2, 2015

Halloween in January

New Jersey..
Jan 2nd
2:14 A.M
Note: EnD whispers when room is dark. Even if it means she has to speak same sentence 10 times..

EnD: Maaaami, I need to go to the restroom...
EsD: {No kid, you need to wait until you see light outside} go..

few seconds later..
EnD re-appears in the bedroom (please multiple the horror by at least 10 times since....remember?? EnD whispers when the room is dark even if it means she has to speak the same sentense 10 times...)

EsD: what happened??
EnD: maaami...
EsD: Yes???
EnD: maaami, I need to tell you something...

Note2: Its 2 AM and each sentence can begin with "I need to tell you something" and then a pause
Note3: remember...she whispers..remember.

EsD: what is it??
EnD: maaaaaami....remember, the light switch?? the one we had in the bathroom??
EsD: Yes
EnD: maaaaami, I need to tell you something..
EsD: what??
EnD: The light switch in the bathroom is not there..maaaami..the light switch is gone..

EsD: {really?? heeeee heeeeee..}

Note4: You can laugh at almost-six-year old only when it is dark because apparently some almost-six-year-olds from NJ with curly hair and cute button nose have a bad temper when you smile at something like this..
Note5: EsD is big fan of Harry Potter and she can hear Harry Potter music almost instantaneously when situation like this arises.

So, Hermoine Dixit wore a big black hat and had a magic wand in her hand and walked with EnD in dark and entered the restroom and said "Vingardium Leviosa!!!!!!!!!!!" and voila...the light switch magically re-appeared..

Hugs and kissess..hugs and kisses...from EnD to EsD...

Thank you dear God for special magical powers and almost six-year-olds and almost nine-year-olds ..

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