Thursday, May 29, 2014

March of Sangeeta...

Behold...I am about to turn 40. I have almost made it..I have been pondering on how to venture all "Sangeeta Style" into this very especial year of my life ..and boy have to admit Sangeeta Style is confusing. So then I took a deep deep deep breath and thought about something wonderful.

From now until my birthday, I am going to do 40 things for others. 40 things that involve someone else's benefit. 40 little/medium/big acts of selflessness..40 things to inspire the human being inside me. 40 things that have nothing to do with me. Then I stopped..this is not true. Everything I do or will do will give me something in return. It will help me find myself in return. The part of me which may be I lost while growing up each year of my life. 40 things will teach me hundreds of things I used to have as a baby and how I gave up on those things when I grow up to be this Sangeeta I am..

The big big big issue is I do not know those 40 things. The awesome awesome awesome issue is I do not know those 40 things. I know I need to start small and I need to keep my eyes and heart open. I am certainly not expecting you to expect big things from me. It could be just a simple act of opening a door for a mom carrying a kid and a heavy stroller or asking a co-worker how he or she is and really LISTENING. Small is Big - for me. Small is good - for me. Small is everything I am looking for. Small counts when I do it purposely and wholeheartedly...

So I am asking your help my virtual friends. Close your eyes and pray for me that when Sangeeta starts her day she has a burning desire to find a cause and when she sleeps she has a smile - well - on most days..

If Sangeeta has what it takes, Sangeeta will come back to her blog and blog her journey. small step at a time..slow and steady..

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